Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Possible end of binomial system

Fascinating discussion at Infolatam about the possible end of the binomial electoral system in Chile.  People have been talking about Chilean electoral reform for years (and I've written a number of posts on it, the last one here) but it does seem to be inching closer and closer, in large part because now it is being pushed by a president of the right.  Both the left and right are increasingly seeing it as a way to bring back popular confidence, which is now very low.  This is a new wrinkle, as reform has not previously been viewed as something that would satisfy a constituency.

Notably, no one has agreed on what would replace it, and of course that is where the real dispute will come, as both the left and right jockey to create a new system that will benefit them the most.

On a cynical aside, Sebastián Piñera may also see it as a way to halt the momentum and of and the steal the press from the student protests.  Electoral reform would be a very big deal.


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