Tuesday, August 09, 2011


This cracks me up. From Adam Isacson:

El Tiempo: ¿Por qué Uribe tiene la idea, y lo ha dicho, de que esta acción contra la corrupción es una acción contra su gobierno?

Juan Manuel Santos: Un segundo... mmmm... Nopecu, nopecu, nopecu...
El Tiempo: ¿Qué significa "nopecu"?

Juan Manuel Santos: No pelear con Uribe. NO-PE-CU
Santos has been dealing with this since before he even took office, most notably with his asserton that he would smooth relations with Venezuela, whereas Uribe hates Hugo Chávez and let the world know he hated him, and hated that the fact that Santos didn't sufficiently hate Chávez.

The fact that Santos has actually made it into a joke reflects well on him, and could even make Uribe's pronouncements into a caricature of himself. It could make a good SNL skit.


Justin Delacour 6:35 AM  

I'm not so sure it's an issue of who does or doesn't "hate" Chavez. I think it's simply that Santos is the one governing now and it's more convenient for him to avoid a disruption in economic relations with Venezuela.

Uribe wasn't so consistently hostile to Chavez until after he left office.

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