Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Asia and Latin America

Mercosur's decision to impose high tariffs to protect itself from Asia should remind us that there is no simple "China is winning, the U.S. is losing" scenario.

In recent months, Argentina and Brazil have voiced fears that Asian exporters might seek to offset soft demand in the U.S. and Europe by flooding Latin America with cheap manufactured goods. Mercosur needs to step up efforts "to defend the Latin American markets from this invasion of goods," Brazilian Finance Minister Guido Mantega said Monday.
Latin American governments are pursuing self-interest, and that does not mean throwing their economic doors wide open to any particular country. Their views of China are not unlike the way we tend to view China in the U.S., namely that we want your financing but are nervous about your cheap stuff.


Defensores de Democracia 6:05 PM  

Mr Weeks :

Thanks for posts on Asia and particularly on North Korea ( the death of the leader ) and China.

I admire the industriousness and intelligence of the Asiatics in General but feel a lot of repugnance for the violation of Civil Rights in North Korea and China.

We should not follow those political systems. Cuba, Venezuela, Nicaragua and even Ecuador and Bolivia are misguided to put it mildly.

My petition to the "Spirit of Christmas" is a better Justice System, more access to Justice for the common man in the more democratic countries of Latin America.

Without Justice there is no Trust and Confidence in Government or fellow men. And that means backwardness and underdevelopment.

Have a Nice Christmas and thanks for good information and sound thoughts !

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