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Politics of immigration reform

In the L.A. Times, Doyle McManus nails two important points about the politics of immigration reform that too often are ignored.


Reagan would have been pilloried if he were running for his party's presidential nomination today.

I am glad to see this get into the MSM. I want to hear a question about that in one of the seemingly endless Republican debates.


To begin with, it's not what American voters are asking for, not even the bulk of Republican voters. 
A Fox News poll last year found that almost two-thirds of Republicans believe that "illegal immigrants who pay taxes and obey the law" should be given a chance to remain in the United States under some kind of legalization program. A majority also favored tougher enforcement of the law, but only one-third said they believed that deportation was the solution to the problem.

That is also a critical point that the MSM should pick up on more. Especially in the general election, people are thinking about other issues, most prominently the economy. Republicans did not punish McCain in 2008 for his more liberal view on immigration, and they won't reward the 2012 nominee either for a restrictionist view.

On the other hand, we could argue that immigration is important to the Republican base, if not the majority of Republicans. Indeed, that is what Mitt Romney is banking on. I am not convinced of this--it's the economy, stupid--but haven't seen numbers.

The bottom line:

Latino support for Obama has remained solid, even though many Latino activists have been vocally dissatisfied with the president's failure to advance immigration reform legislation.

This is something I've argued in much more detail. Obama's main concern is not whether Latinos vote Republican, but whether they stay home.


Defensores de Democracia 12:25 PM  

Remember year 2008 :

Fox News was propagating nonstop innuendos, malicious gossip about Barack Obama. The lowest quality malignant propaganda.

Remember Sean Hannity and Bill O'Reilly telling us continuously 24 hours, seven days :

That Latinos hated Blacks and would not vote for Obama. That Obama was unelectable.

That because of some distant friendship of Obama with a repentant guy Ayers in a school board, who had been a "terrorist" then Obama was Terrorist and Muslim by contamination, pollution and association.

That the "Chickens that have come home to roost" of Reverend Jeremiah Wright, a pastor in Chicago, made Obama an unelectable terrorist. They never mentioned the pain of Black Congregation for their Ancestors, and the non political context in which the "prophetic" or sibylline words of the pastor were uttered.

Remember the 2008 temper tantrums of Rush Limbaugh against Obama : Communist, Socialist, Nazi, Muslim, etc ...


Immigration Lawyers 12:55 AM  

It's always related to politics.

Defensores de Democracia 12:15 PM  

There was a "secret" meeting or "conference" of the U. S. Supreme Court on past Friday, December 9 - It is possible that a Certiorari was granted to SB 1070 and that will be announced on Next Monday, December 12 at 10 AM - Why that would not be wise !

Nobody knows for sure if a Certiorari was granted on past Friday to the case "Arizona v. United States" that is "Papers Please" or SB 1070.

What is a Certiorari ??

A Certiorari is a writ from a higher court to a lower one requesting a transcript of the proceedings of a case for review.

The Supreme Court would require the lower court that is called "Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals" in San Francisco to produce the Injunction or Stay against certain provisions of SB 1070.

It would be wiser for the Supreme Court to wait for more jurisprudence produced in the different Circuits, because there are many suits, amicus briefs, oral discussions, etc in these courts relative to similar cases in Arizona, Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina and others.

These courts have highly respected judges with a great baggage or load of knowledge and study in the History of American Law and many court decisions of the past ( Consuetudinary Law or Custom ) and great knowledge of U. S. Congress Laws ( Statutory Law or Written Laws ).

The Wisdom and Knowledge of these Great Judges of the Circuits ( Lower Courts ) should not be despised.

The U. S. Supreme Court should not be a replacement for the U. S. Congress when there is a Political Gridlock and Congress is divided as in the present time. It is wise to wait for a new U. S. Congress.

And besides that there are many political developments : Russell Pearce, the author of SB 1070 was ousted in a recall election and Jan Brewer, Governor or Arizona is losing power and popularity. The Arizona Supreme Court is in Great Contradiction and Conflict with that Governor.

There is Great Opposition to SB 1070 in Arizona on the part of Mayors of very important cities, some city councils are opposed to it, as well as many county commissioners, and most important many Arizona sheriffs and Police Chiefs decry this law, Arizona business opposes this law and the community is divided.

All this produces political and economic developments that should not be ignored in a final decision about SB 1070.

This could drag for years and that is for the better of the American nation. !


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