Thursday, December 01, 2011

Alabama law

This is just truly embarrassing. Alabama authorities keep arresting people for being foreign.

"We understand he is working with authorities to resolve this matter," said Ted Pratt, spokesman for Honda Manufacturing of Alabama. He described the worker as "a Japanese associate on assignment."

Nice. Perhaps all foreigners should wear a convenient arm band to make it easier for police to see.

Amazingly, the co-sponsor of the law said it would create jobs, yet its main result seems to be arresting foreigners who brought jobs to your state, thereby likely deterring other foreign companies from doing the same. As I repeat endlessly, the only jobs being created are for lawyers.

As with other state-level immigration laws, these consequences were widely foreseen. It's like backfire, where people hold on to inaccurate beliefs even more firmly when presented with evidence against them.


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Scotus Blog : On December 9, the Justices of the U. S. Supreme Court will consider the Arizona petition of Certiorari for Arizona v. United States: S.B. 1070 ( that the court reviews the case ) during their private Conference

My own comment and personal opinion : It would be very wise of the Supreme Court Justices to delay the Certiorari for SB 1070 - Who wants to review a case that is a hot potato to burn your hands ??, who wants to play with a political ticking bomb ?? What is the good of a positive or negative decision in the midst of a Big Presidential Campaign and Election ??.

Any decision will infuriate a Big Part of the Electorate and may strongly influence People's Perceptions of the Importance of this Issue of Immigration, influencing the elections.

On the other hand the Result of the 2012 Elections can lead to changes in the composition of the Supreme Court. So a decision during the first 10 months of 2012 may not be FINAL, but can be changed later by a new court.

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Kali Borkoski - Her Forum of Legal Experts on SB 1070
November 30, 2011


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