Sunday, September 13, 2015

Exporting Obesity to Latin America

Has anyone coined the term "Calorie Imperialism"? If not, I just did. The latest example is Krispy Kreme's announcement that it was expanding in Latin America, specifically to Bolivia and Peru.

“We think the Krispy Kreme brand and doughnuts will be hits in Bolivia, as we tap into the culture of sharing that is prevalent throughout the country,”

Seriously? Krispy Kreme will just fit right in with traditional indigenous culture.

Obesity is a real problem in Latin America. U.S. companies, having given Americans what they want, which has included bulging waistlines, are eagerly seeking to do the same abroad. And as in the U.S. they often have an enthusiastic audience.

It's noteworthy too that this is true in Bolivia, generally held up by leftists as revolutionary. But even there capitalism is working smoothly, so intellectuals can talk discuss Marx over a few glazed donuts.


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