Friday, September 04, 2015

Maduro and the Colombian Media

According to Colombian Foreign Minister María Angela Holguín, Nicolás Maduro asked that the Colombian government control the country's media more regarding the border crisis, which she rejected.

Interestingly, at the same time there is a new study showing that Colombian media do a poor job of covering the peace talks.

In cases that sources were used, a significant portion of coverage pieces referred to official sources as sole contributor to first hand knowledge, Morales underlined, ignoring the rebels’ or victims’ perspectives.

What to take from this? One easy conclusion is that the media is pro-government. Whether that means the government is pulling strings--or if so, how hard--is a different question. From the 2014 Freedom House report:

Journalists throughout the country, but particularly in rural areas, face harassment from various actors, including local criminals, drug-trafficking groups known as bacrim, guerrilla movements, and the government. 

So Maduro may not be entirely wrong, even if his tactics are ham-handed.


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