Sunday, September 06, 2015

Rafael Correa's Media Mania

Rafael Correa is famous for being thin-skinned about the media. He's even let himself by goaded into responses by Twitter trolls.

Now he's produced a YouTube video in response to an article in The Guardian about his administration's clash with indigenous protesters. As you might guess, they are bloodthirsty criminals going up against innocent police. Anyone who questions this is lying and indecent (which, according to several tweets I received, includes me!). His selected bits of YouTube video are "facts" while most portrayals of the police response are "lies."

Green Left Weekly has a nice summary of how Correa has alienated indigenous groups and has simply lumped them in with the right as illegitimate opposition. This is remarkable for a leftist government. That's clearly going here, but with the added Correa mania of specifying media accounts he doesn't like.


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