Thursday, May 10, 2018

Latin American Politics Links

Here are some things for you to read:

  • Both Boz and Mike Allison look at the accusation that CICIG is a Russian plot in Guatemala. I don't know what game Marco Rubio is playing here, but it's bad for Guatemalan democracy. CICIG was one of the few bright spots and now it's the target of crazy conspiracy theories.
  • Adam Isacson has a whole bunch of stuff to say about the Colombian peace process. He covers incompetence, corruption, and discrimination, but other than that everything is rosy.
  • Francisco Toro reminds us that the Venezuelan opposition is #@@$&ing clueless. The election will therefore be a disaster.
  • Royce Murray at Immigration Impact writes about the horrible story of the State Department telling DHS in strong language not to end TPS for El Salvador, Honduras, and Haiti because of how destabilizing it would be. People's lives are not considered particularly important.
  • Simeon Tegel writes at Americas Quarterly about how the Peruvian left is in disarray. Some crazy people actually want Abimael Guzmán freed. Somehow this is framed in terms of reconciliation. 
Next time maybe I'll try to find good news.


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