Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Lenin Moreno Wants Assange to Do His Chores to Get His Allowance

Ecuador's Codigo Vidrio leaked a document from the Ecuadorean government to Julian Assange. The main idea is to more tightly control his visitors and communication while  making him spend his own money, though it also details what he needs to do to monitor his health.

Point #32 has raised eyebrows:

A fin de precautelar las condiciones de salubridad de las instalaciones de la Embajada, el señor Julian Assange y sus visitantes conservarán la limpieza e higiene del cuarto de baño y otro espacios que utilicen dentro de la Embajada. Por las mismas razones, el señor Julian Assange se encargará del bienestar, alimentaciónm, aseo y cuidado adecuado de su mascota. Si no se prestara la atención debida a la mascota, el Jefe de la Misión solicitará al señor Assange que entregue la mascota a otra persona o a un refugio de animales fuera de la Misión Diplomática.

Clean the bathroom and feed the cat. Just as you would address a teenager with chores.

Rafael Correa was already tiring of Assange, and Lenín Moreno has even less patience. His presence there does not seem very tenable--apparently they even tried to get him to Russia. Once a symbol of Ecuador's resistance to U.S. hegemony, he is now mostly a pain in the butt.

However, Correa (who, if you haven't been paying attention, hates Moreno) weighed in on this on Twitter, saying that it was humiliating for Ecuador rather than Assange. I don't know if it's humiliating per se, but it does seem petty. Moreno inherited a weird situation and he is trying to think of ways to extricate himself from it.


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