Friday, October 26, 2018

Trying to Change the Lopsided UN Cuba Vote

The Cuban Foreign Minister says that the US delegation to the United Nations was circulating amendments to the annual resolution condemning the embargo, intended to attach something about human rights.

I find it curious that the Trump administration cares about the resolution, which every year is approved by the vast majority of the earth with only Israel, a Pacific country or two, and the U.S. rejecting (except when President Obama famously abstained). It's been going on for almost three decades, is all for show, and has little impact beyond emphasizing how isolated the United States has made itself. Getting pissy about it seems like a waste of time. In any event, the U.S. lacks diplomatic legitimacy now anyway so the effort is in vain to begin with.

Plus, it is a bit of ammunition for Miguel Díaz-Canel to use the U.S. bogeyman. By my count, 16 of his 96 tweets (17%) are about the "bloqueo" and one of the most recent is precisely about the U.S. maneuvers. So, as with much of U.S. Cuba policy over the years, U.S. actions get us nowhere.


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