Thursday, October 11, 2018

Nikki Haley and Latin America Policy

An article in the Miami Herald laments Nikki Haley's resignation, saying it is a loss for U.S. policy toward Latin America. I find this curious as.

First, the point all the interviewees make is that she "brought attention" to Nicaragua, Cuba, and Venezuela. Nothing really else. As an example, the article says she met with Bianca Jagger. The bar here is ridiculously low, especially given nothing in particular has been accomplished. Perhaps even to the contrary. Just two months ago Haley went to Colombia:

Latin America analysts say U.S. pressure such as Haley’s border visit may draw international attention to the spreading crisis, but may also play to Maduro’s narrative that he and his country are under siege from Washington.
Not exactly a ringing endorsement.

Second, the reporter speaks to zero Latin American diplomats. Do they care about her departure? Maybe it's a well kept secret, though that's not something I have ever read about.

The takeaway is just that the bar is terribly low. There is practically no foreign policy apparatus in the United States and Latin America positions sit vacant forever. Having someone just meet with Bianca Jagger is therefore considered an accomplishment.


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