Saturday, January 30, 2010

The Chávez obsession

Recently I poked fun at Roger Noriega, who believes that passing free trade agreements will stop Hugo Chávez from invading Colombia.  Now he is repeating himself: FTAs "send a very clear signal that these are strategic partners that enjoy our unmitigated support, which could back off warmongering by Chavez and other thugs."  This is the same message the Bush administration unsuccessfully pitched toward the end of his second term.

The main problem is that it's nuts.  There is no evidence that FTAs stop conflict with third countries.

Regardless, the Chávez obsession is bizarre.  Along these lines, I recommend Adam Isacson's recent post about how the perception of Chávez as an all-powerful force are unsupported.  But he is a convenient foil, cited as the reason why we must pass X policy.  If we don't, then the bad guys win and our friends will be confused.  Whether or not it makes sense doesn't enter the equation.


Vicente Duque 8:57 AM  

Hugo Chavez represents what is most shameful about Latin America - The Economic Collapse of Venezuela

Hugo Chavez means :

1) Control of Prices, a Policy that has failed everywhere in the World. Result : Scarcity of the most necessary products in the basket of a housewife.

2) Expropriations of People that have worked very hard to raise a business.

3) Inflammatory Rhetoric against the rich and those that have created wealth by means of hard work, entrepreneurship, etc ...

4) Parasitism of living from the State and the State Riches. Bureaucracy, Cronism, Amigismo, Cliques. The Nation becomes a paradise of Lazyness, people are brought up in Lazy Parasitism.

5) Closing the Media that attacks him and favoring those sycophants that are always prasing him.

6) Red Shirtism, building a private army of thugs, poor ignorants moved by hate against the rich and those that really work. Favoring these thugs with many economic privileges.

7) A Santa Claus Economy, where only the State functions exploiting the National Resources of Oil, Aluminium, Iron, Steel, etc ....

8) Giving billionaire gifts to Cuba, Nicaragua, Bolivia and all the beggar nations that are favored by his Petrodollars.

9) Talking constantly of War against other nations in order to hide his Failure.

10) His God and Guide is Fidel Castro and Chavez talks openly about his Communist Plans for Venezuela

11) There are Latin American Nations that lack the Natural Resources of Venezuela. There People have to work very hard and they are prospering and advancing ahead of Venezuela. Venezuela is now poorer than them. You can see the misery in the streets and slums.

12) Criminality : Venezuela is now one of the most dangerous places in the World, with many corpses thrown in the outskirts every night. Since Chavez hates the Drug Enforcement Agency ( American DEA ) and the Interpol, then criminals are most happy.

Conclusion : Hugo Chavez represents what is most shameful about Latin America - Hugo Chavez is a shame for Venezuela, Latin America and the World.

The Future of Foreign Policies :

Vicente Duque

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