Sunday, January 31, 2010

More immigration tea leaves

Anyone interested in immigration reform is looking for signs of life.  I've already noted how President Obama gave only a lackluster reference in the SOTU.  Now according to Jeffrey Kaye writing at the Huffington Post, a lobbyist who is involved in negotiating a bipartisan bill says they won't even have a first draft until at least March.  I generally agree with Kaye's pessimistic assessment of the situation, but disagree with one point:

One influential senator, Patrick Leahy (D-VT), chairman of the Judiciary Committee, has suggested a more wary piecemeal approach to immigration reform, rather than one big package. Breaking off chunks and dealing separately with the contentious issues of legalization, enforcement, and "future flows" of migrants may seem like a pragmatic short term approach to immigration but is likely to result in once again postponing the issue. And, if it's not going to be dealt with in 2010, it's almost certain to be ignored later on as politicos prepare for the 2012 presidential election year.

This latter point is not true.  Immigration reform was a winning issue in the 2008 presidential elections.  Recall that John McCain was the only pro-reform candidate yet won his party's nomination.  Plus, both parties will once again want to court Latino voters.  I have said many times that there is no Latino bloc and Latinos are not necessarily even in favor of reform.  However, the perception that a "Latino vote" exists has been a motivator for politicians to embrace reform.


Vicente Duque 11:47 AM  

My Migra Rant : Immigration Reform will take a lot of time - Many non Latinos realize that this should be studied in a Realistic and Scientific way, not with passions

I observe with complacency and pleasure that Non Latino America is becoming more Prudent and Rational with respect to the problem of Immigration. There are good heads in Universities and other places of Intelligence.

The Political Agenda and Troubles of Mr Obama and the Democratic Party dictate that this will be postponed. Mr Obama is not going to drink the poison of Immigration this year, perhaps not until 2013 ( if reelected ). My advice for Mr Obama is "Delay and Procrastinate" if you want to win elections.

Total Amnesty is absurd - Recent arrivals should be deported if they are undocumented.

"Recent arrivals" ( or number of years ) can be defined by Congress, Universities, Economists, Attorneys, etc ... in an intelligent way. This Immigration bill and project should be studied by the best Professionals in Economy, Sociology, etc ... and not left abandoned, only to be discussed by Teabagger Mobs.

Many criminals and delinquents should be deported. Also people that do not work, are lazy, drug addicts, etc ....

The Super Racists that want 12 million deported are not Realistic. This is impractical and can ruin the Economy of many towns and even States.

The United States has made a big investment in the Education of Young Latinos .... Expulsion will be like throwing treasures to the bottom of the Sea. Yes, Youth is the Greatest Treasure ! ... no matter the color of the youngsters.

And there are other Moral or Ethical considerations, the image or "Good Will" of America is also an Accounting Asset to be written in the "Balance of America Inc."

The Super Racists are not Realistic in believing that the Culture of the United States is going to be ruined or sunk by Latinos. No Realism in Third Worldization or "Untergang des Westens" ( The sinking of the West ) ..... Remember that Oswald Spengler was UberNationalistic as he wrote in the preface of his book, written probably in 1914 when Germans were very bullish about their militarism.

There is a lot of Hate, Fear and Paranoia and that is why Lou Dobbs, Glen Beck, Sean Hannity et al. take advtange to become rich with the "Confirmation Bias" Psychology. That is People that need the daily masturbation of their prejudices.

Youth, Minorities, Politics :

Vicente Duque

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