Thursday, January 07, 2010

Priorities in Mexico

Felipe Calderón says that in 2010 his top two priorities will be creating jobs and reducing poverty.  Crime and violence will be third.  This despite the fact that Mexicans have indicated that crime and violence represent their greatest concern.  Polls have also shown that Mexicans do not think he is doing a great job with crime.

In other words, this is not the greatest new year's resolution.


Anonymous,  8:18 AM  

Gee, doesn't believe in polls, doesn't pay attention to what the electorate is concerned about, the electorate doesn't like his policies, from the snippet it looks like he favors big business with neoliberal capitalism. Sounds real familiar, doesn't it? Can you say 'W'?

pc 9:36 AM  

The Pew polls are a bit of anamoly. Most other polls (Mitofsky, Berumen, et cetera) show the economy as the bigger problem by a very wide margin. And virtually all pollsters agree that Calderón's own decline in the polls has more to do with the economy than with crime.

pc 9:58 AM  

"anomaly", that should read...I always misspell that word.

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