Friday, January 22, 2010

New Venezuelan newspaper

Eva Golinger's blog notes that the Venezuelan state has created a new English-language newspaper, the Correo del Orinoco.  It makes a big deal about being fair and balanced, so is like a parallel universe Fox News.  It also obsesses on the United States, so is like a parallel universe Roger Noriega.


mike a,  11:37 AM  

What is sad is that there is a segment of the population which will actually believe this leftist line of BS coming out of Caracas.

if Chavez were to permanently disappear tomorrow (we can all wish), the damage he has already done to Venezuela will take 20+ years to repair. The longer he remains in control, the deeper Venezuela will continue to slide into the abyss. He has destroyed his own country. Some leader.

Vicente Duque 2:03 PM  

Russian Newspaper "Pravda" : Hugo Chavez Conducts 'Military Communism Reforms' To Kill Venezuela’s Economy - The Pauperization of Venezuela

The guys that know more about communism are the victims : The Russians and Pravda ( Truth ) was the Bible for the Theology of Communism, until Gorbachov and Yeltsin.

Venezuela has been progressively impoverished by a despotic and stupid economic stystem that copies a lot of Communism. Chavez believes to be God controlling prices and that way he only produces scarcity, black market, speculation, etc.... Government Corruption is rampant and the Family, Friends and Cronies of Chavez are becoming multi millionaires in these filthy and dirty businesses. This is a Santa Claus Economy that produces Oil, Aluminium and Steel and nothing else, a state controlled economy.

Several decades ago, Venezuela was the rich man in the Block, and her neighbors looked with admiration and envy at the Petrodollars Nation. Now, other neighbors like Brazil, Peru and Colombia are more prosperous, ordered, dynamic, because they use Capitalism and Private Initiative, instead of outmoded Comunism.
And not only is Venezuela poorer than the other nations that lack Oil Resources, but she has been infested by narcos, mafia, criminals, etc ..... And Chavez himself is the greatest terrorist of the Western Hemisphere, with big help from him, the FARC Guerrillas of Colombia have murdered, terrorized, bombed and landmined the poorest peasants in Colombia. These are the main kidnappers and extorsionists in the World

Russian Newspaper "Pravda
Hugo Chavez Conducts 'Military Communism Reforms' To Kill Venezuela’s Economy
Sergey Balmasov
January 20, 2010

Hugo Chavez Conducts 'Military Communism Reforms' To Kill Venezuela’s Economy

Some excerpts :

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez has apparently decided to reorganize the economy of his nation from head to toe. On January 18, Chavez passed the law stipulating the expropriation of the stores that raise prices on their goods. Chavez announced the expropriation of six Hipermercado Exito stores after the French-Colombian retailer broke the law by raising prices.

The news about the nationalization of three private banks came the day before. There was a different reason for that: supervising agencies of the country found violations of law in their activities. As a result, three large (for Venezuela) banks - InverUnion Banco Comercial, Banco Del Sol и Mi Casa – were expropriated. The three banks make up less than one percent of the capital of the nation’s entire bank system. Nevertheless, the recent event is another fact to prove the nationalization of the bank system of the country in general.

The story in Venezuela’s financial system began in 2008. The state has expropriated many private credit organizations since then and has thus nationalized more than a third of the bank sector.

The Future of Foreign Policies :

Vicente Duque

Justin Delacour 12:06 AM  

It also obsesses on the United States, so is like a parallel universe Roger Noriega.

The analogy is fundamentally problematic for one simple reason: the power imbalance between the United States and Venezuela. For Roger Noriega to obsess on a non-threat to U.S. national security is totally different than for Chavistas to obsess on the collosus to their North.

Justin Delacour 12:28 AM  

if Chavez were to permanently disappear tomorrow (we can all wish)


Given what the term "disappear" connotes in modern Latin American history, you might want to reconsider whether it's appropriate to wish for any Latin American leader's disappearance.

Vicente Duque 7:35 PM  

President Uribe ( Colombia ) indicates that Chavez expropiating businesses is turning Venezuela into a land of Lazy People

He spoke during the Latin American Business Council, gathering in Panama City, Panama, two days ago. He does not mention Chavez or Venezuela, but only and idiot can doubt that he is referring to Venezuela expropiating banks, the HyperMarkets Exito, and destroying Capitalism and Private Enterprise.

I can not find these news in the English Language in the Internet ( Very Amazing ! ). So I translate from Spanish :

This is what Alvaro Uribe said ( his own words ) :

"It is impossible to speak of freedoms in a country that harms private initiative, which is the spring of prosperity to enjoy liberties."

"To eliminate Private Initiative is to condemn the peoples of Latin America to live in poverty".

If a country has lots of money derived from a natural resource, if there is no Private Investment, then those riches, via subsidies, can not do what the private sector can do.

Limiting Private Initiative, is to enforce and impose the "Lazyness of the People", the lack of Private Initiative destroys the Entrepreneurial creativity and turns all persons into lazy folks.

The Future of Foreign Policies :

Vicente Duque

mike a,  7:50 PM  

Justin, you are correct. i was going to use the word "eliminate" but thought it was too strong. On second thought, it is entirely accurate. Chavez has destroyed Venezuela's institutions so badly that he unfortunately will never be removed from office by democratic means.

Justin Delacour 3:40 AM  

Justin, you are correct. i was going to use the word "eliminate" but thought it was too strong.

Well, it's unfortunate that you harbor such hatred because the most atrocious deeds of modern Latin American history were rooted in precisely that kind of hatred. Perhaps hundreds of thousands of corpses wouldn't weigh on your conscience, but if you really saw where this kind of rhetoric can lead, you might reconsider such carelessness.

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