Monday, February 04, 2019

Juan Guaidó and China

Juan Guaidó's messages to China are spot on. He recognizes that China's interest in Venezuela is overwhelmingly economic. So you do three things: you avoid all ideological references, emphasize how Nicolás Maduro has damaged your investments, and promise to honor every deal Maduro made.

“I will be very clear: all agreements that have been signed following the law will be respected,” Guaido said in a written interview. “If previous agreements were signed by adhering to the due process of approval by the National Assembly, they will be accepted and honored.”


 "We want to establish a transparent relationship with China and put an end to the plundering of our resources that has prevailed under Maduro’s government, which has ultimately also affected Chinese investors,” he said. “China’s development projects in Venezuela have been falling as they have been affected and destroyed by corruption or debt default.”
And China is ready to listen:

 Asked three times last week if China still saw Maduro as Venezuela’s president, foreign ministry spokesman Geng Shuang simply noted that a special envoy of President Xi Jinping attended his inauguration in January. On Friday, Geng said China has “maintained close communication with all parties” and ties “shouldn’t be undermined no matter how the situation evolves.”
He also makes sure China knows he understands their initiatives in the region:

 “In Latin America and the Caribbean, China continues to promote trade within the framework of the Belt and Road Initiative,” he said. “This initiative gives China a natural space to foster development across the region.”
Guaidó has laid the groundwork for a smooth Chinese shift from Maduro to him. This will be in jeopardy if it comes via U.S. invasion, which would set alarm bells off in China. China would see this as a threat to its investments and would be wary of the image of the U.S. government pushing it around. Yet another reason to avoid it.


Alfredo 11:24 AM  

This random dude is a joke he not aware that the real enemy of his sponsor that being the US is China!!!...Trump along with the Dems want to take Maduro down so as to eliminate China's influence in this hemisphere....I got my popcorn ready...jjjj

shah8 12:37 AM  

I'd be a bit milder than the above. I find it hard to believe that China's leadership will trust one word out of his mouth, especially when weighed against known qualities in Maduro's regime. Moreover, Guaido has made other comments regarding restructuring that implicitly impinges on China's claims.

Chinese comments are all about discretion being the better part of valor (like Ecuador supporting this mess mainly because they need that IMF bailout).

Michael,  7:48 PM  

The one thing China is certain of is that whoever is the Venezuelan president it will get paid.
But China will see through Guaido quickly and i bet what they have seen so far they do not like. They see in Guaido an American led puppet and errand boy.

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