Monday, February 11, 2019

Where Maduro Would Go

Now there are discussions about where Nicolás Maduro would go if forced out. The article is based on four anonymous sources, though Elliott Abrams is talking openly about the subject as well.

It is unfortunate that the Trump administration is insisting that it make all the decisions and doing so loudly. This will damage the legitimacy of the new government. Talking openly about where to exile someone has an imperialist taste to it that is not easy to dispel.

In fact, it may well be that all this public talk is intended largely to send signals to Maduro and those around him that a) the U.S. is closing in; and b) no matter what John Bolton said, there are options besides Guantánamo. That talk was plain stupid. Anyway, the article notes that the Russians see this as psychological warfare and it's hard to argue the point.

It might be working on me too. I have heard so many times over the years about how the regime was about to fall and this is the first time I have actually felt like it could be imminent.


shah8 1:45 AM  

Meh, from the start, I thought this was a stunt.

I was surprised, however, just how much they were willing to double down on it.

I'm not going to believe any downfall of the regime except with my own two eyes as it's happening right then--and the focus on Maduro is just so besides the point. Maduro is the spokesman for the military regime. Of course, the US wants the military to become pro-US, but if it does that, and the US accepts it, the regime wouldn't quite have fallen, even if Maduro has been cast aside.

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