Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Captain Augusto Pinochet

One of the many controversies swirling around Chile at the moment centers on army Captain Augusto Pinochet, grandson of the former dictator, also known as Augusto III. Even though he is active duty, he let loose insults against the government, the courts, and anyone critical of the dictatorship. This even got the attention of President Bachelet, who indicated that the army should respond. Another report suggests that Captain Pinochet was already planning to leave the army when he made the comments. We can only hope.


Anonymous,  2:14 PM  

I see you have a blog spam problem :)

I found this pretty good photo essay on Pinochet.

Greg Weeks 2:35 PM  

Yes, I don't plan on looking into the "penis patch" in the spam I just deleted.

Anonymous,  11:06 PM  

pinochet save my country!

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