Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Pinochet's death and criminal investigations

Interesting juxtaposition of articles about how investigations will continue after Pinochet’s death. The Miami Herald raises the possibility that the U.S. government will release more information now that he’s dead, especially about the murders of Charles Horman, Frank Teruggi (both portrayed in the movie “Missing”) and Ronni Moffitt, who was car bombed in DC. That article provides good background on the cases.

Meanwhile, the NYT offers the possibility that Chilean officers will also talk more now that Pinochet is gone. I find this entirely plausible. He was an intimidating figure, “mi general,” and a hero for saving his country, especially to younger officers. Speaking against him would never be easy, but now will be easier. Faced with this opening to save their own skins, they may take it. I wonder if the army may also be more willing to give people up and thereby "cleanse" itself in a post-Pinochet world.


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