Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Padres sign Maddux

The Padres signed Greg Maddux to a one year contract with incentives according to how many innings he pitches. I really like this deal--Maddux is 41 but is still solid, and I think is a good veteran to have. I also hope that spending this money will put the kibosh on the rumors that the Padres were interested in Barry Bonds. It seems that he is cruising around the winter meetings, but has no takers yet.


Anonymous,  3:13 PM  

The old man has a 4.51 road ERA over the last three years. Somehow, I never imagined that the Padres were so short of pitching that they'd be signing Maddux.

And, yes, I know that 4.51 is nowadays better than average. Still, the home park will make him look good. But that won't mean he is.

Greg Weeks 3:24 PM  

But in that same time frame he averaged 216 innings and almost 15 wins. We've always been hurting at the bottom of the rotation, so I'm happy with this deal.

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