Wednesday, December 27, 2006

The newest threat to Cuba... rock climbing, and the Cuban government is cracking down. According to the government, rock climbers are just foreigners who go to isolated areas to take drugs and spy on Cuba's efforts to protect itself in case of a U.S. invasion, and as such represent a bad influence on pure-minded, red-blooded, Castro-loving citizens. Therefore, they are making people get special permits to go rock climbing, but a park ranger admitted he did not, in fact, know how to obtain said permit.

Has a government ever been undermined or perhaps even overthrown by a small group of sports enthusiasts? I don't recall any coups led by skateboarders or bowlers, but I could be wrong.


Anonymous,  10:59 AM  

Hello guys! I have some questions. I mean need some help.
Where i can read more about this problema?
Please, don't derect me to i know about it.
Please derect me with some links.

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