Thursday, May 03, 2007

Fujimori in Santiago

Former Peruvian President Fujimori is denying that he plans to seek asylum at the Japanese Embassy. Rumors got going when he moved into an apartment closer to the embassy. A Chilean judge is expected to make a decision about him this month, so it is not implausible that in case of an order for extradition to Peru he’d rush to the embassy.

The reporter got the story when Fujimori was at the store.

"They say that today I was close to the (Japanese) embassy, but I wasn't," said Fujimori, who spoke to Reuters in his car after emerging from a shopping mall in Santiago. "I was doing my shopping in the supermarket."

It seems so strange. If you go to the mall in Santiago, or maybe even at stores around the Japanese Embassy (which is in Providencia) you may see Alberto Fujimori. This is a former president, responsible for dissolving the legislature, blackmailing the opposition, embezzling money, human rights abuses, etc., etc. But you may see him in the frozen foods aisle.


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