Friday, May 04, 2007

Our global race for brains

The immigration legislation clock is ticking away. Harry Reid has set May 14 (just one week from Monday) as the day for debate to begin, and the Senate has yet to come up with a bill.

I had argued in the past, as had many people, that President Bush needed to get more actively involved if he really wanted reform to get passed. What perhaps should’ve been more obvious is that when President Bush gets involved in something, it tends to get worse. In this case, the White House foray into immigration reform seems to have made consensus more difficult, as its proposal only wants to let in people with money. He also does not want your family to come if you are an unskilled worker. Temporary workers could only do so if they had a certain (unspecified) amount of money.

Leading these efforts in the Senate is John Cornyn, who doesn’t want more family members because they do not contribute to, and I am not making this up, “our global race for brains.” If only that race also applied to our elected officials.


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