Friday, May 18, 2007

Reporting immigration reform

Just a few short hours after the Senate’s immigration plan was announced, the Associated Press is already screwing up the facts. This article is a heart wrenching account of the Mexicans who have been waiting patiently for a temporary worker visa, and now are deeply disappointed about the current legislation. The reporter, who was in Monterrey, apparently told them there was no temporary worker program, and then got quotes as they expressed disbelief. Based on those quotes, she seems even to have told them the only way to work in the U.S. was to try and become a citizen. Check out this first dramatic sentence:

The U.S. Congress' immigration plan frustrated millions of poor and uneducated migrant hopefuls in Mexico who have been holding tight to President Bush's promise that they could one day apply for temporary visas to get a glimpse of the American dream.

The outrage! The problem? The reporter was wrong, as the legislation includes a large temporary worker program. I hope she had fun crushing their dreams and stoking their anger for her big scoop.


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