Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Mexico spying

The LA Times has a disturbing article about how the U.S. government is funding a program to enhance Mexico’s domestic spying capabilities. President Calderón is currently pushing for a constitutional change to allow the government to eavesdrop without getting approval from a judge.

Even worse:

The modernization program is described in U.S. government documents, including the contract specifications, reviewed by The Times.

They suggest that Washington could have access to information derived from the surveillance. Officials of both governments declined to comment on that possibility.

But the contract specifications say the system is designed to allow both governments to "disseminate timely and accurate, actionable information to each country's respective federal, state, local, private and international partners."

The U.S. government can then use that information any way it wants, because the 4th amendment to the constitution won’t apply if the surveillance is carried out in a foreign country by a foreign government.


Anonymous,  2:34 AM  

THis is really alarming ... excuses to crack down on democratic movements in Mexico...

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