Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Farmer's Branch

Farmer’s Branch, TX is one of the cities where local immigration laws have generated controversy and lawsuits. The city council approved an ordinance (like in Hazleton) forcing apartment managers to check the immigration status of renters, though a federal judge has ruled that it cannot be enforced until it goes to trial or is otherwise resolved.

The city councilman who spearheaded the legislation had a quote that perfectly sums up the problem with the debate over immigration.

Still, the ordinance has made it clear illegal immigrants are not welcome in Farmers Branch, O'Hare said. He believes that has led to a decline in crime, even though Farmers Branch police do not track the legal status of those arrested.

"It's OK to put two and two together," said O'Hare. "You
don't always have to have proof."

You don’t need proof. And, really, who cares about evidence? If you have no data to support your views, then just assume they are true.


Anonymous,  5:27 PM  

Greg, this is off topic but I thought you might find this interesting since it deals with baseball and Latinos (a historical view).


Greg Weeks 5:37 PM  

That looks cool--I'll have to take a look when I get a chance.

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