Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Pat Neshek

The vote is on for the final spot on the AL and NL All Star rosters. The NL is a no brainer with the Padres' Chris Young. For the AL, I'm going with Pat Neshek, the Twins reliever who has his own website/blog. How can you not love the following rationale for voting for him?

I really don't know how to describe this but I'm the fan/collector/guy that somehow managed to get to the big leagues. I seriously wake up each day and can't believe how I got here and am thankful to even touch the uniform! Basically if I wasn't playing baseball right now I would probably be the guy who was coming home from work and planning a night around baseball, planning what games to go to, which minor league teams to get autographs at, which guy to take on my fantasy team and which guy to trade in MLB The Show…heck this is what I do in the off-season, no lie! Basically I'm a fan of baseball, if your team wasn't represented in this final 5 Vote I would love to represent you and all the fans of the game. I can tell you right now that nobody in the world, no other player would appreciate this more than me. So if you want somebody that is a fan of the game, a guy just like you, a guy that would probably pass out if elected to the ALL STAR game then you can help me out by voting here!


Anonymous,  5:01 PM  

How much should home-road factor in here? Young's ERA at home is 0.94. That's incredible. On the road it is 3.33. If he is really a 3.33 guy, then his selection is not such a "no brainer," even though that's still awfully good.

I'm also one who thinks second halves of seasons should count in these matters, and not only first halves. Last year he was actually bad at home, for some reason (4.61 for the season--I don't have home-road splits by half handy) and really good at home (2.41).

What this means for his candidacy I do not know. Just putting it out there...

Greg Weeks 5:10 PM  

Second halves only matter if you think the All Star selection should be based in part (in half?) on the previous year.

Anyhow, he's a no brainer because he's on the Padres. That also probably hurts his chances, but we'll see.

Anonymous,  4:11 PM  

And I most certainly do believe that equal weight should be given to the second half of the previous season. Otherwise, baseball's All Star squads are just about who is hot for two-three months.

And, of course, the ignorance of the second half means a systematic bias against slow-starters (while effectively favoring slow-finishers). Until recently, that had kept Bobby Abreu out of All Star teams, even though he had been one of the game's biggest stars for years. And Tim Salmon never made an All Star team, despite being one of the AL's best outfielders during the prime of his career.

Young made it, though he would not have been my choice. And in the AL, Okajima, on his very small sample sizes. Of course, had I voted, I would have voted for Okajima (and, no, not Escobar), because I want the AL to win. So, I'll take the hot hand. But I don't think he has proven yet that he belongs on an All Star team.

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