Friday, July 13, 2007

The Fujimori saga

As if she needed more problems, La Tercera has a good analysis of how the judge’s decision not to order Fujimori’s extradition creates two complications for President Bachelet. First, it has the potential to sour Chilean-Peruvian relations even further, at a time when there are delicate maritime border issues being discussed. Second, since the charges against Fujimori center mostly on human rights, it makes the Chilean government look bad if it just lets him hang out in the country.

Meanwhile, in Japan the head of the People’s New Party has called Fujimori the “last samurai” who can “keep the other members of the party on their toes” if he wins a seat in the Japanese upper house. The election is July 29.

I found the following quote from the party’s secretary-general quite remarkable:

"There may be some truth to the accusations filed against him in Peru, but Mr. Fujimori has not committed any wrongdoing in Japan," he said.

In other words, if you order the torture and/or deaths of Peruvians but stay away from the Japanese, then you’re fine.


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