Sunday, July 08, 2007

Play baseball and avoid whiteboards

You may well have seen the news from Rio and the Pan American Games, where some unidentified USOC worker wrote “Welcome to the Congo!” on a whiteboard in the media center for all to see, which was apparently “a joke.” Trying to explain it, a USOC media person said it was written because “it’s really hot in Rio.” Ultimately, the USOC apologized and the person was disciplined and is no longer part of the delegation. The effects, however, will linger.

This incident was so insensitive and idiotic on so many levels. For example, O Globo immediately pointed out that not only was the office air conditioned, but that the average July temperature is 78. So not only is it stupid, but it’s not even accurate.

In addition, it’s supposed to be a “joke” but isn’t even remotely funny. Comparing Rio to the Congo—that really will leave people rolling in the aisles.

Didn’t they ever have some sort of meeting, perhaps with a Power Point slide that said, “It’s not a good idea to make fun of people when you go to their country”?


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