Sunday, November 11, 2007

Fujimori's posse

Alberto Fujimori remains amazingly popular in Japan, primarily for his resolution of the Japanese Embassy hostage crisis in 1996-1997. Now a number of Japanese politicians, including 73 members of the lower House (which means 15% of its total!) have created a group called the “Multiparty Assistance League for a Just Judgment of Alberto Fujimori” (that is my literal translation—I’m sure it can be made to sound nicer).

It’s not clear exactly what they plan to do. However, just as in the saga about Fujimori running for office in Japan earlier this year, Fujimori’s supporters cite only the hostage issue, and pointedly ignore the corruption, human rights abuses, extortion, etc. because they didn’t occur in Japan.


Anonymous,  9:25 AM  

He lost in Japan

Greg Weeks 9:40 AM  

But he still has a posse.

Anonymous,  11:54 PM  

So apparently he is Big in Japan....

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