Friday, November 16, 2007

Immigration and the presidential race

Felipe Calderón has called on the presidential candidates in the U.S. to stop using immigrants as “symbolic hostages” (a very nice phrase).

"I am especially concerned at the growing harassment and in recent days the persecution of Mexicans in the US," Mr Calderon said.

"It is my duty to call respectfully but firmly on the candidates of the political parties in the US to stop taking Mexicans as symbolic hostages in their speeches and
I like the more active role both Fox and Calderón have been taking, which is right on target and surely plays well at home. The Mexican government can be rightly criticized for ignoring the conditions that prompt emigration in the first place, but at least it is reacting publicly more often to the scapegoating of immigrants.

As we get closer to the primaries, Republicans are becoming ever more restrictionist and hardline, and I wonder whether that will continue once a candidate is chosen. Will a Republican run in part on the issue, since there is little else to run on, or tack back to the more moderate center?


Anonymous,  4:03 AM  

Someone should hit V Fox in the mouth, he has no right to pretend to be a voice for the Mexican peoples he did absolutely nothing for during his Presidency. What is his concern all of a sudden?

As for Calderon, yes, he his trying to do good and his words are to be respected. At the same time he has to know he would not allow such mass immigration illegally into Mexico because it would do the same thing among his populace ... create animosity and hatred.

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