Wednesday, November 07, 2007


I haven’t posted about baseball in over a month, after this game laid me to waste. It took a while to recover.

We re-signed Greg Maddux, which is a good move. He still has at least one more decent year in him. I should note, however, that I’d make a terrible GM because I just like some players, which clouds my judgment. (I’d probably sign Sammy Sosa if he just lowered his price a bit).

I also can’t resist commenting on the Mike Cameron saga. First, he gets nailed for drugs. Then he says he’s played drunk. Does he mean still woozy from the night before or actually drunk? The thing is, I can’t imagine hitting a fastball while drunk (not that I could hit a fastball while sober either). With regard to the drugs, I agree with Geoff Young that this quote from Victor Conte (the BALCO guy) is perfect:

This isn’t drug testing, this is IQ testing. All you have to do is look at the list and find one of the 30 that’s not on the list and use that. This guy (Cameron) didn’t fail a drug test. He failed an IQ test.

Now we just await the Cy Young announcement, and I would be shocked if it wasn’t Jake Peavy. After that 163rd game, however, which could’ve been his 20th win and instead was a disaster, the Cy Young is not quite as exciting.


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