Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Call off the referendum?

Apparently both members of the MAS and the opposition are having second thoughts about the August 10 recall referendum, saying that it won't resolve Bolivia's political crisis. In fact, they are talking openly about suspending it if they can come to some sort of accord.

That might actually be the best of all possible scenarios. The referendum would be the spark for substantive talks, and the country could avoid what would have to be very acrimonious campaigns for the next several months.


Miguel Centellas 10:10 AM  

Welcome to Bolivia's roller coaster politics. It's been like this for quite a while!

Anonymous,  3:35 PM  

Violence in Sucre against campesinos supporting Evo.

Sucre desafía nuevamente a Evo Morales (AFP news)

blatant, violent racism in bolivia (blog)
The latter says
"University students and other protesters attacked campesinos, and beat them, and took a group of them and made them march several kilometers to the town center, stripped off their shirts, and made them kneel in the main plaza and sing pro-Sucre slogans and ask forgiveness for coming to see President Morales."


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