Thursday, May 15, 2008

Interpol and the laptop

Interpol says the infamous laptop was not tampered with.

The drives contained a vast trove of information — 610 gigabytes of data including 210,888 images, 37,872 written documents, 22,481 Web pages, 10,537 sound and video files, 7,989 email addresses and 452 spreadsheets, Interpol said.

The Venezuelan government says that the Venezuelan people, "in their infinite wisdom," will assert that the charges connecting Chávez to the FARC are false. That is not the same as saying the documents are fake. At this point I will most interested to see Chávez's reaction--will it be that all the files are fake (meaning that Interpol is either wrong or lying) or that perhaps they are real but are being misinterpreted? Or are there other options?


Anonymous,  6:59 PM  

Exactly, not a single rational argument proving that the documents are fabricated or doctored. Only insults. Very telling.

Anonymous,  3:20 PM  

Greg, for someone who follows Latin American issues avidly, I am surprised that you haven't kept up with the actual content of the magical laptop. Despite what 'anonymous' wants to believe, the actual content of the 'documents' contain nothing, zip, zero, nada that any sane person could tie to Venezuelan support, monetary or otherwise, to FARC. Yes, Interpol said that the files had not been tampered with after they were created on the magical laptop. And that is all they said. They made no judgement as to the validity or accuracy of the content of those file. Perhaps you have said this previously and I have missed it, and if so, I apologize for wrongly stating that you failed to provide a clear explanation of the Interpol findings. I have been ill and haven't been able to keep up with my blog reading.

Greg Weeks 3:33 PM  

Jim--I am writing up a post about the report itself, which I will post tomorrow. There is indeed quite a bit of confusion, both for those who believe in the documents and those who don't.

As I've mentioned in past posts, I have mostly avoided this story because I wanted to wait for the report. And I did not have time until this weekend to sit and look through the whole thing.

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