Thursday, May 29, 2008

Chile and INTERPOL Part 2

Yesterday I mentioned the extensive article published on the head of Chile's Investigaciones by the Centro de Investigación e Información Periodística. Now Investigaciones has responded with a formal letter, claiming the article is full of errors and insinuations. They do not, however, point to anything specific.

This case has obviously energized the organization, which is digging like mad to see what Herrera has been up to during his career. My hunch is that the Bachelet government would like to let this one slide by, especially since Herrera is not far from retirement, but perhaps this type of investigative journalism will exert enough pressure to force action.

Incidentally, I had not noticed when I read the story yesterday that one of CIPER's co-directors is John Dinges, a journalist who has written some excellent books on Latin American politics. The most recent was The Condor Years.


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