Saturday, May 31, 2008

South Carolina immigration bill

The South Carolina legislature passed an immigration bill. The law forces businesses to check the E-Verify federal database, which is already full of bugs, for every worker, and if they fail to comply their as-yet-nonexistent state license will be revoked:

“I'm confused about this license that you have but you don't apply for that they can take away from you,” said Rep. Harry Ott, a farmer and House minority leader who voted against the bill. “I need someone to explain that to me.”

And, as is so often the case with poorly thought out policies, there is no money for enforcement.

“But we didn't put any money in the budget to let LLR hire the investigators to enforce the rules,” Ott said.

Harrison acknowledges the rules may be difficult to enforce and says the department could request more money next fiscal year to conduct random audits of businesses to ensure the law is being followed.

Sounds like a winner.


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