Thursday, November 06, 2008

Another election post-mortem: Sarah Palin and NAFTA

In August, I wrote a post about how no one knew anything about Sarah Palin's views on Latin America. Our ignorance on the topic is reflected in the fact that my two posts about her are the first to come up when googling "sarah palin latin america," and all I wrote was that we knew nothing.

Now we have a little more info. According to Fox News (via Foreign Policy's blog), Palin could not name the countries in NAFTA. She also apparently believed that Africa was a country.


Anonymous,  10:18 AM  

Wow that is frightening. And this is from Fox News! I guess this goes along with the fact that she did not have a passport until last year.

Anonymous,  9:41 PM  

I still can't get over how willfully ignorant she is. I kept expecting McCain to announce Palin was just a joke and someone else was his real VP candidate.

I have a whole new perspective on our state to the north Palin, Steven's who next?

Anonymous,  1:16 PM  

To paraphrase your most recent post:

But let us savor the McCain campaign's implosion without rumor mongoring.

Tis well the deserved scorn heaped upon Palin during the election (guilty, I am), but should we now abandon our critical faculties and propegate internicine rumors?

Greg Weeks 1:19 PM  

As far as I know, no one has said these are only rumors, but rather comments from staffers based on their direct experience.

Anonymous,  2:38 PM  

Staffers with an axe to grind. It seems that given the circumstances one would accept comments from waring factions with a fair degree suspicion.

Then again, it's Fox News. They report, we decide. No?

Steven Taylor 3:41 PM  

To reference a long-ago debate on NAFTA:

Larry, that's just sad.

Anonymous,  10:32 AM  

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