Friday, November 14, 2008

The hoax: Sarah Palin and NAFTA

It was a well-conceived hoax, just outrageous enough but just possibly believable enough: the idea that Sarah Palin did not know Africa was a continent and that she could not name the member countries of NAFTA. Credibility was enhanced by the fact that it was reported by Fox News.

But it is all untrue. The McCain adviser is in fact fake, a fictional creation of a blogger, who also created a fake think tank the "adviser" belonged to. It seems all he did was email reporters, who then passed along what he wrote. It was then spread virally and mentioned by people like me further down the blog chain.

So my apologies to Sarah Palin, and to my readers. Even worse than being duped, now we once again know even less about her views on Latin America. I suppose that it doesn't matter much, or at least not for another 3-4 years.


Anonymous,  9:25 AM  

Correct me If I AM WRONG, but Eisenstadt is a hoax
The FACT that senior McCain staffers leaked ¨Diva¨ and ¨Stupid¨to the media is NOT A HOAX. Apparantly Ms. Palin did not win the hearts and minds of those she worked with along the camapign trail. No one will attach their name (s) but those allegations were put out there by actual people.

Unknown 10:18 AM  

Deo, although I am an ardent Palin supporter I must voice the fact that you are correct in your assertion that the Eisenstadt "admission" is, in fact, the hoax and not the media's reporting of the ANONYMOUS claims of her lack of knowledge. I disagree with you on everything else in your comments ;)

Anonymous,  10:30 PM

Boli-Nica 5:17 PM  

..that is funny in so many ways...

and Palin is still a moron regardless.

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