Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Bush and Latin America: The Search for a Fake Legacy

I assume there was a meeting at some point recently, where it was decided that everyone in the Bush administration should take every opportunity to explain how the president's Latin America policy is, well, amazing. There might even be a memo that says "Don't be shy about making the most ludicrous claims imaginable because someone might just believe it if we keep repeating it." (My last installment is here.) Now we have Condoleezza Rice, who makes two claims:

First, Bush "has helped countries in the region adopt more pragmatic policies."

Second, Bush "has broken through an age-old struggle about ideology in Latin America."

The sheer audacity of these claims is awe inspiring, as they come from one of the most ideological and unpragmatic administrations in the history of this country. I eagerly await the next claims.


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