Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Elizabeth Dole

Fox News and NBC have called Elizabeth Dole's loss to Kay Hagan in the Senate. I hope that is true, given how horribly low Dole's ad campaign went, particularly against undocumented immigrants, not to mention the "godless" ad.


Anonymous,  9:31 PM  

Wonder if she'll do Viagra commercials, too . . .

Greg Weeks 7:20 AM  

I hope what goes in on the Dole household, stays in the Dole household...

Anonymous,  10:12 PM  

She spent fifteen days in NC in 2005. What was her job?

Jesse Helms must be spinning in his grave: a Democratic woman istaking over his seat and a black man is about to take up residence in the White House.


Anonymous,  5:37 PM  

Second only to Obama's win in making me happy was Dole's loss. The moral depth to which she sank to win is stunning. I will not hope that she burns in h#ll for her filthy "godless" ad--that's between her and her creator. I won't hope that she loses the defamation of character lawsuit that Hagen is rightfully bringing against her--that's between her and an earthly judge and jury. I do hope that her ad caused her to lose her Senate seat--that the decent citizens of North Carolina were so repelled by the vile ad that they voted for Hagen. That would be just. Her ad was to Hagen's campaign what Bush policy is Al Qaeda--their best recruitng tool. Hopefully North Carolinians sensed the terrible precedent of winning an election following such an ad. In future elections the candidates would have to up the filth ante beyond the terrible threshold set by Dole. That way lies anarchy. The ad makes it clear that Dole is the godless one. She could begin to redeem herself with a national (local isn't good enough because the ad was so repellent that it got press outside of NC--I heard it on NPR in DC, no charge to the Dole campaign) press conference in which she apologizes for her shameful ad.

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