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Hispanic registering and voting

Here is a rather troubling graph from the Census Bureau regarding registration and voting by the Hispanic population in the United States. The register and vote less than other groups (though are very similar to Asians in those regards) and have voted more infrequently over time.

Latinos vote overwhelmingly Democratic, so this is major challenge that the party has not been successful at addressing. Despite all the talk of "the Latino vote" it is not a mobilized cohort.


Vicente Duque 11:45 AM  

This is an extremely important information and something that requires more research from polling offices and strategists of both parties.

Thanks for giving attention to this. I wish that there is more action in Latino Registration ( and more information )

I suspect that these charts are for 2010 "congressional elections"

I also suspect that you are right in your intuition that the registration is low.


Vicente Duque 1:10 PM  

Great Information of CNN/Census Bureau about number of Latinos in the 15 key Swing States, Data, Information, Electoral Votes, Margins of Victory of Barack Obama or John McCain
Jeb Bush recently wrote that Hispanic voters will represent the margin of victory in the 15 swing states that will decide in November 2012 - Obama won North Carolina by only 14,177 votes. Since then, Hispanic voter registration in North Carolina has nearly doubled to 130,615.

Please note that this information of the Census Bureau is "Old" and "Outdated" .... Today's Numbers of possible Latino Voting Age Population should be higher.

February 12, 2012
Will Hispanic voters swing the 2012 race?
Source CNN Political Research Team and U. S. Bureau of Census
Charles Garcia of García Trujillo Marketing Business

Editor's note: Charles Garcia is the CEO of Garcia Trujillo, a business focused on the Hispanic market, and the author of "Leadership Lessons of the White House Fellows." A native of the Republic of Panama, he now lives in Florida. Watch Garcia on Friday in the 9 a.m. hour on CNN Newsroom.

Will Hispanic voters swing the 2012 race?

First Column is Change in Latino Voting Age Population
Second Column is Electoral Votes of the State
Third Column is Margin or Excess Of Obama Victory Votes

Change Electoral Margin of Obama Victory

Arizona ( 35,254 ) 11 ( 195,404 )
Colorado 21,358 9 214,987
Florida 384,707 29 236,450
Indiana 34,189 11 28,391
Iowa 15,115 6 146,561
Michigan 4,967 16 823,940
Missouri 17,846 10 ( 3,903 )
Nevada 38,039 6 120,909
New Hampshire 1,852 4 68,292
New Mexico 34,746 5 125,590
North Carolina 78,043 15 14,177
Ohio 33,961 18 258,897
Pennsylvania 88,656 20 620,478
Virginia 73,986 13 234,527
Wisconsin 24,721 10 414,818

Total 716,933 163 3,507,324


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