Monday, February 06, 2012

Undocumented immigrants in Kansas

Dear Undocumented Immigrants in Kansas,

We realize that we need your labor. It has become quite clear that you are doing necessary jobs that our residents are not applying for. Therefore we are going to talk to the federal government about making it easier for our businesses to hire you. We're glad to have you working for us!

There's just one little glitch. We don't really want you here. Sometimes we just feel like shooting at you from helicopters and we are concerned about your "olive complexion." We definitely don't want to spend any money on you or your children. So we will make sure you cannot get food stamps and that you are ineligible for worker's compensation.

So we appreciate you coming to our great state and boosting our economy, and will endeavor to treat you as poorly as possible. Thanks!

Your truly,

The State of Kansas


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