Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Pendergraph in the 9th

I wrote yesterday about my member of Congress retiring*. Former County Sheriff and current County Commissioner Jim Pendergraph tweeted his intent to run mere minutes after Sue Myrick's Facebook announcement. Obviously that was no coincidence. There are more potential names, but I haven't yet heard any other official announcements.

Pendergraph is solidly against anything but enforcement with regard to immigration. In 2009 I wrote an op-ed in the News & Observer about the 287(g) program, which he implemented in Mecklenburg County, and he responded rather testily.

Democrats are saying the seat could possibly be won by a conservative Democrat, especially given redistricting. It is true there are a lot of unaffiliated voters, but my sense is that they lean Republican. I will have to wait and see more evidence. This will be an interesting ride since our governor also announced she would not run again, plus the presidential election.

*this article helpfully reminded me that she first ran back in 1994 on a platform of term limits.


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