Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Sue Myrick retires

My member of Congress, Sue Myrick, has announced she will not run again in November. Faithful readers may remember that she has said many outlandish things about Latin America. She is also vociferously opposed to immigration reform (especially since she believed Venezuela was smuggling people into the U.S. through Mexico).

I live in North Carolina's 9th district, which is a funky-shaped safe Republican district (it is funky partly to allow for the even funkier 12th district; lawsuits are currently underway regarding redistricting). It seems the last Democrat to win a seat in this district did so when JFK was elected president. Mecklenburg County overall went for Obama in 2008.

Myrick has held the seat for 17 years, so there will be an interesting scramble. I assume the victor will similarly be opposed to immigration reform, but I can only hope that he or she has a more reasoned view of Latin American politics.

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