Tuesday, December 11, 2012

CMS and Autism: Does Anyone Care?

Picture this scene. The Dean of Students at a top CMS school, Irwin Elementary, openly mocks a 10 year old autistic child by calling him a two year old in the hallway. The Dean of Students then gets angry, indeed very vocally angry with the parents, at the child's response to the insult, and conveniently omits what he said to provoke it. Later the principal admits in writing it happened, but dismisses it as unimportant.

Just happened last week to my son. And no one in CMS cares.


James Hathaway 5:57 AM  

Sounds exactly the CMS I know and love: 1) Fail to supervise staff behavior. 2) Ignore complaints from parents (nanananana... I can't hear you) 3) Deny problem exists when complaint reaches high decibel level. 4) privately admit that everything that you have been denying occurred and... you are working on it. 5) Repeat, because nothing changes.

Greg Weeks 8:52 AM  

Yes, we have plenty of experience with that.

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