Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Holiday in Honduras?

This story seems to be based on the statement of only one person. It argues that the very serious Honduras political crisis will take a backseat as all sides agree to stop doing anything over the holidays.

True or just the mocking of a U.S. media intent on perpetuating an image of sloth and siesta? A scan of the Honduran press says nothing about any such arrangement.


RAJ 1:54 AM  

Yes, it is perpetuation of the stereotype: too lazy even to continue their crisis! One assumes the US govt taking a holiday break while the fiscal mess is unresolved will get the same treatment.

But beyond that: whoever reported this has no understanding of anything. Take the report of the inability of the court to convene; it isn't due to an inability to agree on a quorum (bizarre). The members of the court who were not fired are, for the most part, boycotting proceedings convened by the duplicitous chief justice-- and four newly appointed justices doesn't give him a quorum.

Congress adjourning is par for the course. They have resisted acknowledging that they created a crisis. By adjourning, they perpetuate it.

So it isn't a peaceful situation. Far from it.

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