Friday, December 07, 2012

North Carolina Immigration Policy

Very nice to read this report from the North Carolina House Select Committee on the State's Role in Immigration Policy. What it indicates is that the state legislature is not going to pursue punitive policies a la Arizona and other states. It emphasizes over and over that a wide range of stakeholders will need to provide input, and urges the federal government to enact reform.

Finally, the Committee recommends a renewed focus on economic development potential and opportunities to increase North Carolina's regional competitiveness through pragmatic approaches to immigration in this State.

Good. This doesn't preclude an individual member from introducing a wacky piece of legislation, but the leadership wants pragmatism aimed at promoting economic development. That means avoiding legislation that either deprives businesses from getting workers or burdening them unduly with regulations.

Also nice to read this from House Speaker Thom Tillis:

“It’s a very emotional issue on both sides, and we’ve got to try and hold that rhetoric off and look at things that benefit the economy, treat people respectfully, and in some cases, address some symptoms now whose problem is really rooted in federal policy. I just think we need to be very careful with it,” Tillis said.

Let's hope the leadership retains that attitude.


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Washington Post : Romney winning the Presidency : Romney needed 42% of Latinos to win Nevada, Colorado and Pennsylvania - He needed 43% to win New Mexico - But he only got these miserable numbers : 24%, 23%, 18% and 29% respectively

Mitt's Bad Luck with Latinos :

It is astonishing that Mitt Romney only got 18% of Latinos in Pennsylvania. But George W. Bush only took just 32 percent of the Hispanic vote in Pennsylvania in 2004, despite taking 44 percent nationwide. So Romney needed to perform better than George W. Bush, at least in Pennsylvania.

Excerpt :

"Latinos did push President Obama over the top in several key states — including Colorado, Florida, Nevada, New Mexico and Pennsylvania — that he would have lost without them. (Obama also would have lost the popular vote without Latinos.)"

Washington Post
Latinos didn’t cost Mitt Romney the election
by Aaron Blake
December 13, 2012 at 1:33 pm

Latinos didn’t cost Mitt Romney the election


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