Friday, January 25, 2013

Immigrants Being More American

Here is an American Enterprise Institute blog post about Jeb Bush's stance on immigration (it seems he is publishing a book on the topic). The AEI is a good place to get the economic conservative (meaning pro) take on immigration.

But there is something funny that I know will never be mentioned in the immigration debate yet is really critical. The argument is that "being American" needs to be more central for citizenship, and that means understanding the foundation of the country, how our institutions were created and how they work now, along with key speeches, I guess beyond the current test. Yet this would not mean these new citizens would be like other Americans, it would mean they are more American, because most native-born Americans do not understand these things.

As a test, please go now and ask the closest person who is chosen to be an elector. If they think you mean dementor, then just go ask someone else.


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