Friday, January 18, 2013

Raul and Hugo

According to Nicolas Maduro, Hugo Chavez gave orders about relations with the United States:

“President Chavez has given us precise orders, he gave them also to the new foreign minister, our dear comrade Elias Jaua, that we are always disposed to have the best relations with the United States government on the basis of mutual respect and in conditions of relations of equality,” Maduro told Efe.

This sounds very familiar because Raul Castro has used this type of statement almost verbatim many times in the past. In other words, Maduro came back from Cuba to tell the Venezuelan people that the Venezuelan president just wants to do what the Cuban president does.


Cort Greene 8:38 AM  

Now they well know that the US won't treat them that way after over 10 years of a multi plan to overthrow the revolution.

Why they play this game of tail ending after the US is bizzare and its looks like the foreign ministry won't change at all even with the new FM who is supposed to be to the Left of the last one.

Defensores de Democracia 8:44 AM  

Dr. Jose Rafael Marquina MD, a Venezuelan specialist of Naples, Florida and an insider who broke the information and secrecy ban on Chavez health, informed that Chavez’ cancer— a leiomyosarcoma— had spread to the lumbar spine causing paralysis of both legs.

Unfortunately a human being is in great suffering and we hope the best for the sick man. But this is a horrible "Reality Show" -- Dr Marquina is now a journalistic superstar, and many millions around the globe are waiting for his reports about the Health of Hugo Chavez... Many people that don't give a damn about politics follow this Venezuelan soap opera with very intense interest, just for the medical curiosity and knowledge.

This is sad and unfortunate but we are learning a lot of medicine and oncology with Dr Marquina, a specialist and scientist. So we are sad and sorry for the patient, even if we don't share Hugo's political ideas.

From Curacao Chronicle - Some Extracts :

Also, metastasis were detected in urine bladder, intestines and lungs. The President is breathing through an opening in his air pipe from a tracheotomy, and hooked up to an artificial respirator. So Chavez has been unable to talk or walk since 10 December 2012 and most likely, will never do so again. Marquina advised the Chavez family to move Chavez to the USA, since Cuba has no experience in treatment of these kinds of cancers and the treatment for the so-called lung infection had turned out as a disastrous failure.

Hugo Chavez’ health remains shrouded in strict secrecy since the onset two years ago, and that secrecy has become the source of endless speculations. Whatever the actual truth about the health of Hugo Chavez may be, it has become very clear that the Venezuelan government is unable to function without their legendary leader.

Curacao Chronicle
A weekend at Bernie’s
By Jacob Gelt Dekker
Monday Jan 14th, 2013


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